Chaff chopping Machine Hellog


Features of  Chaff Chopping Machine

Easy to operate, light weight

Less noise

Adjustable teeth to determine length of chaff

High performance, High efficiency and long life


  • Power: 3kW
  • Chopping capacity: 800 – 1000kg/h
  • Grinding capacity: 600 – 700kg/h
  • Size (or dimension): 0.6×0.8×0.75m
  • Weight: 75kg


Chaff chopping Machine Hellog

GZ Industrial Supplies is a distributor and supplier of  Hellog tools in Nigeria. With a cutting (or chopping) capacity of 800 to 1000 kg per hour, our chaff chopping Machine is also used to chop hay and straw and subsequently grind them so that the resultant material can be used as fodder and easily consumed by animals for easy digestion.

  • can also be used to cut other produce like corn, dry or wet grass, groundnut, wheat, sugarcane, cotton, soybeans and cotton
  • Comes in Electric motor, diesel, and Petrol operated
  • This machine is ideal for meeting the demands of animal husbandry since there is very less wastage of fodder and there is high operational efficiency.


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